Astrological marriage compatibility is something that is often discussed when two people consider getting married. Indeed, since the beginning of civilization the matching of birth charts has been seen as fundamental to a successful marriage. This process is followed even in the modern day, because it allows a full and complete understanding of the spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental, and physical nature of each partner. It allows you to take a deeper look at yourself, your needs and desires, and those of your partner. Marriage is certainly the most important relationship that we will likely be in in our life. The person you marry will in many ways, determine your happiness, financial success, spiritual path, attainment of goals, satisfaction and how you raise your children. Before we take the step of marriage, if we learn as much as possible about the partner and what their future holds, then we can make the correct decision, both for ourselves and them.

What does a marriage compatibility study involve and what is it going to show? This is a very good question that I am often asked. By providing me with the birth date, birth time, and birthplace that a person is born, an astrological chart is created. This chart is a roadmap of the karma of that person for their entire life in this body. When we compare charts of a couple we can see if the nature of each person and their karma are compatible with each other. When I do a compatibility study, I look to see if the individuals will be supportive and loving of each other, will the marriage be long lasting, will their intellectual temperaments be similar, will their physical desires be complementary, will their level of wealth be sufficient, and many other factors of a relationship. We can look at the important questions of material, physical, psychological, intellectual, and emotional compatibility through the chart.

For example, if one person shows significant ambition and desire for material success and the partner’s chart shows a lack of similar drive, this can lead to frustration for both individuals. Similarly, if the couple show incompatibility in physical relationships, or a difference in desire in this regard, this can also lead to turmoil. If one person has more of a Brahminical nature, an intellectual nature, and is interested in meditation, yoga, and reading and the partner has a more of a Vaishya nature, someone who is business minded and is focused more on material goals, this can be a cause of difficulties, if they are not respectful and understanding of each others differences. It’s not necessary for two people to have full compatibility to have a successful marriage. What is important is that they understand each other’s natures, desires and temperaments, be willing to accept those differences and work with them. Many times, we do not understand our own true temperament, goals, and desires. So why not understand ourselves better through an astrological study before we make a big decision such as marriage that is going to impact our entire life. An Astrological study can do just that!

In a compatibility study, I look at over 20 factors which encompass all of the essential material and spiritual elements that are important for a relationship. Many subtleties which are overlooked by two people in a relationship are also evaluated. It is very important not to rely on online computer programs to make the most important decision of your life. It is like searching on Google when you have a serious illness to determine your treatment rather than going to the doctor. Vedic compatibility analysis has a lot of nuances and needs to be evaluated by somebody with experience, not a computer program.

A marriage compatibility study is a fundamental aspect in the process of marriage. It can give you clarity as to what you may expect in the future from yourselves and your partner. By understanding the basic temperament and personality of another individual before you put your heart into the relationship can help alleviate a lot of pain and suffering. A compatibility study can also help individuals already in a relationship by helping them appreciate why their partner behaves in a certain way or not, understanding the influence they may be experiencing from certain planets or stars. It allows us to comprehend one another better at a very deep level, through the knowledge of the planetary influences all around us that are guiding our actions every day. It can help alleviate difficulties that may otherwise arise and be better prepared for them. It can help you to have a flourishing and successful marriage and enhance the opportunity to grow together in your spiritual life.

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