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When the Husband is Not a Devotee: The Grihastha Vision Team Responds

Photo Credits: Nina Paley Sita and Rama An article entitled “When the Husband is Not a Devotee,” written by Sundari Radhika Dasi for The Eight Petals newsletter and published on ISKCON News recently, caused a firestorm of controversy.The article, which you can read along with its comments here, posed the question, “What if a woman is married

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Women in Vedic Culture

The respect and honour that vedic traditions had for women needs to be preserved, in order to address the turbulence which exists in modern society. by Stephen Knapp Stephen Knapp(Sri Nandanandana Dasa) grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years,

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Harmonious Discord in Marriage

A dramatic paradox of marriage is that qualities which originally attract a couple, in time can become a source of irritation. Is this a hopeless flaw of the creation or an enigma beckoning our understanding? Scene one,  Everything's Perfect, We're in Heaven.  Rama had become attracted to Manjari, a carefree extroverted life of the party, who

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Femininity Honored

sristi-sthiti-pralaya-sadhana-saktir eka chayeva yasya bhuvanani bibharti durga icchanurupam api yasya ca cestate sa govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami   “The external potency, maya, who is of the nature of the shadow of the cit [spiritual] potency, is worshiped by all people as Durga, the creating, preserving and destroying agency of this mundane world. I adore the

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Danger Signs in Marriage

One should not be alarmed by detecting some of the signs listed below. However, it is important to notice and acknowledge these problems, and to take suitable action before they become serious. Preferably talk with your spouse about these challenges and, if necessary, seek help from others. The couple has little or no fun together,

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Sex – ISKCON’s Hot Potato Issue

Recently ISKCON’s Grihastha Vision Team informally surveyed scores of couples and individuals in ISKCON to ascertain some of the greatest challenges in their marriages. Two top challenges emerged: 1. Lack of emotional and or physical intimacy; Absence of  closeness, including loving exchanges and struggles with sexual intimacy. 2. Incompatibility and lack of premarital education and/or marriage counseling. No other

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