Align or Undermine

  The Wedding Present A devotee in Brazil told us of the unique wedding present he received, a bucket a flashlight and a rope.... for the deep dark well he was entering. Is that an encouraging way to start a marriage? Within our society there has been a plethora of negative attitudes and paradigms about

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When the Husband is Not a Devotee: The Grihastha Vision Team Responds

Photo Credits: Nina Paley Sita and Rama An article entitled “When the Husband is Not a Devotee,” written by Sundari Radhika Dasi for The Eight Petals newsletter and published on ISKCON News recently, caused a firestorm of controversy.The article, which you can read along with its comments here, posed the question, “What if a woman is married

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How to be an Ideal Husband

Narada Muni the great acharya has previously explained to Maharaja Yudhisthira, the story of Prahlada Maharaja who is the perfect example of devotional service. Prahlada Maharaja remained faithful to the words of his spiritual master even in the face of the most impossible difficulties. Depending on a power beyond his own, the mercy of Krsna,

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Women in Vedic Culture

The respect and honour that vedic traditions had for women needs to be preserved, in order to address the turbulence which exists in modern society. by Stephen Knapp Stephen Knapp(Sri Nandanandana Dasa) grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years,

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Harmonious Discord in Marriage

A dramatic paradox of marriage is that qualities which originally attract a couple, in time can become a source of irritation. Is this a hopeless flaw of the creation or an enigma beckoning our understanding? Scene one,  Everything's Perfect, We're in Heaven.  Rama had become attracted to Manjari, a carefree extroverted life of the party, who

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The Wealthy Marriage

Confirming the old adage that money cannot buy happiness, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of $137 billion, is divorcing from his wife of 25 years. On the other hand, extensive research by the Gottman Institute has shown that one of the traits of a successful marriage is affluence, but of a much

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