Family Love and Affection: It’s Very Necessary for Healthy Krsna-Conscious Families

Picture this: Srimati devi comes home from school one afternoon so quietly that her mother senses a problem. “Srimati”, she calls, “Are you okay? How was your day?”, When she doesn’t hear a response, Sudevi, Srimati’s mata goes to the ten year old’s bedroom, takes one glance at her daughter’s tearful face and hugs her.

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The Graduate

The Graduate: A high school graduation inspires thoughts on raising a child in Krsna consciousness. My husband and I take a seat on the shiny varnished bleachers in the large arena used for basketball games. The well-dressed crowd sits in anticipation as their sons and daughters, filing through the rear entrance in dark blue caps

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Divine Consciousness Of a Previous Life

Helping children to take advantage of their dormant spirituality. THE BHAGAVAD-GITA tells us that a child with good opportunities for genuine spiritual life must have progressed in yoga, or Krishna consciousness, in a previous life. Krishna tells Arjuna some symptoms of such a child. First, the child will be attracted automatically to the yogic principles,

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Crack in the Universe

How can we raise children so that when they grow up they'll stay out of the modern culture of divorce, remarriage, and illegitimacy? THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY founder of Sunday school in America, H. Clay Trumbull, remembers calling to his father before falling asleep at night. "Are you there, Papa?" "Yes, my child, I am here." "You'll

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Do You Force Your Children?

WE SIT IN THE Calcutta Airport waiting for an announcement, the flight three hours late. The many ceiling fans do little to refresh the air, polluted by cigarette smoke and hundreds of bodies. My ten-year-old son and I sit by a door, opened a crack but with negligible effect. I talk with a blue-saried nun

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