A comprehensive marriage and family course for couples, before and  after marriage, leaders, and everyone concerned.  (2-4 Day Formats)

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This training includes in-depth exploration, interactive exercises, role plays, journaling and education in the following areas:

  • 12 Principles and Values in alignment with Srila Prabhupada and the sastras
  • Roles of Husband and Wife- Gender roles and cultural Norms, Understanding Differences and Expectations
  • Readiness for Marriage, Expectations, Compatibility Preparation for Marriage Self-assessment Areas to consider for compatibility
  • Communications and Managing Conflict— Healthy Communication: Speaking, Listening, Negotiating, Conflict Resolution, Saboteurs of Healthy Communication 3 Empowering Communication Skills,Making Win-Win Decisions
  • Finances Financial responsibility, Prosperity and poverty consciousness, Identifying financial challenges, A Powerful Financial Strategy
  • Affection and Intimacy Krsna Conscious Perspectives on Sex Life, Connection and Loving Exchanges
  • Serious conflict, Separation and Divorce Danger Signs in Marriage Signs of Abusive Relationships,Conflict Resolution Styles, Legitimate Reasons for Divorce, The Consequences of Divorce, Sustaining Family Relationships
  • Children and Parenting Notions of Parenting Patterns and Skills of a Healthy Family, Children’s Needs, Good Discipline: Teaching versus Punishment: Clarity, Appropriateness and Consistency, Parenting Styles, Resources for Parents
  • BalancedLifestyle 1: Personal development/Spirituality
  • Balanced Lifestyle 2: Making a social contribution

Facilitates willing and healthy couples to provide this much needed service of providing premarital education and marriage enrichment, while enhancing their own marriage along the way. Giving the system, tools and everything needed (2 days of training and of 1 day practicum). Having mentor couples in your area allows you to facilitate the goal of providing access to premarital education for all couples before marriage


  • Parenting
  • Trinad-api Marriage Model
  • Communication,
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Goal-setting
  • Benefits of healthy marriages
  • Balancing sadhana and caring for a family
  • Marriage: Aparadha Free
  • Love Languages for Healthy Relationships
  • Getting our Hearts Right
  • How Not to Fall for a Jerk (for youth)
  • How Not to Fall for a Jerk (for adults)


  • Future events to be announced. Stay tuned.

Online Courses

  • Online courses coming soon.

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