Fix Things Before They Break

Research by the Gottman Institute has shown that the greatest predictor of divorce is contempt.

Contempt can be removed by a developing a culture of appreciation and respect and by learning to express one’s feelings and needs with compassion rather than criticizing and belittling one’s spouse.

If contempt is ingrained in your marriage you will likely need support or counselling.

Gottman’s research also found that among couples who had considered divorce but did not, 10 years later 70% of these couples were happy to be together.

Your marriage is important to you, your family and society.

How important is important? From the research of Joseph Unwin PhD (1895-1936) Where the traditions of marriage were strong, he found high levels of creative energy and a quest for the higher philosophical truths of life. Where those family values eroded, cultures became self-indulgent, society degraded and the civilization would lose the moral fiber necessary to defend itself. He was forced by the evidence to conclude that only marriage with fidelity, would lead to the cultural prosperity of a society. Without it, within three generations that civilization would be lost. Read More

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