Tips on Spiritual Growth and Progress in the Grihastha Ashram

Cultivate a deep friendship with your spouse. The emotional support they can give you is invaluable. Your kids will feel more secure when your relationship with each other is good, and it will be easier for them to accept Krishna consciousness. Schedule devotional activities to do together. You know the saying….pray together, stay together. Share

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Vedic & Vaisnava is Not Always the Same

maitreya uvaca stuvatisv amara-strisu pati-lokam gata vadhuh yam va atma-vidam dhuryo vainyah prapacyutasrayah The great sage Maitreya continued speaking: My dear Vidura, when the wives of the denizens of heaven were thus talking amongst themselves, Queen Arci reached the planet which her husband, Maharaja Prthu, the topmost self-realized soul, had attained. PURPORT According to Vedic

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The Thrill is Gone, Baby!

Recently, in Saranagati, an interesting class was given by Vishaka dasi on verse 18.76 of Bhagavad Gita. “O King, as I repeatedly recall this wondrous and holy dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, I take pleasure, being thrilled at every moment.” From the purport, she read, “The understanding of Bhagavad-Gita is so transcendental that anyone who

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A Sanctified Union

Hare Krishna couples know from the start that their life together has a spiritual purpose. IN MY MOTHER'S wedding photo, she holds a thin bunch of flowers as if she wished to hide it somewhere. The Town Hall marriage chamber resembles a waiting room of an old-fashioned office. My parents, in their everyday attire of

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The Nectar of Commitment

Saranagati Full Moon For some reason unknown, I have always been fascinated by Arctic and Antarctic adventurers. I live in Canada, at Saranagati where winter weather reaches -25C (-10F) and occasionally -40C (-40F). At such times I feel driven to put on my woolies, step into cross country skis, challenge the adverse weather and go

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The Purpose of Grihastha Ashrama

Most devotees are married (grhastha), and further, the grhastha asrama is the basis of all other asramas—and of the lives of our children. So we want the grhastha asrama to be as strong as possible. Recently, from December 18 to 20, we held a Couples’ Weekend in Durban, facilitated by Arcana-siddhi and her husband Karnamrita.

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Marriage in the Post 911 World

As members of the Grihastha Vision team, my wife and I recently attended a conference for marital educators and therapists in Orlando Florida. At one keynote address, research was presented from Joseph Unwin PhD (1895-1936) an anthologist and anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, who over the course of seven years studied 80 past civilizations.

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