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Q: I’m finding it hard to maintain my chanting vows. Do you have some advice?

Q: I’m finding it hard to maintain my chanting vows now that I have so many responsibilities maintaining a family. Do you have some advice? A:  I would say its advantageous to reframe our mindset. “I value chanting my rounds because it has been such an asset in my life. Right now, I have many

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When the Husband is Not a Devotee: The Grihastha Vision Team Responds

Photo Credits: Nina Paley Sita and Rama An article entitled “When the Husband is Not a Devotee,” written by Sundari Radhika Dasi for The Eight Petals newsletter and published on ISKCON News recently, caused a firestorm of controversy.The article, which you can read along with its comments here, posed the question, “What if a woman is married

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Are Feelings Love?

Dear Grihastha Coach, I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer. How does a person know if their feelings are love? You wrote before about infatuation, my question is specifically about love. Sincerely, Wants to know -------------------- Dear Wants, Your inquiry, “How do I know it’s love?” is relevant to

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Spiritual Lovers

Question: Wife and husband should be seen more like spiritual friends or more like "spiritual lovers"? What is the difference between the two? Answer: If the spiritual is authentic both definitions are synonymous. But only if it's authentically spiritual, because today it is a fashion to say spiritual: "Oh, today I got to know a

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Q & A on Premarital Issues

The following is an interview by Damayanti Fornos Monco of the Devotee Care Committee in Argentina with Uttama devi dasi, GVT member. Damayanti: What qualities should we search for in a spouse? Uttama: You should look for someone who has similar values to yourself. If you value the process of Krsna consciousness and want to

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