Just before entering this beautiful month of Kartika, I decided to go on an adventure of being more present with my inner reflections on Lord Damodara’s pastimes and praying to strengthen my devotional relationship with my spouse.

Each year as we celebrate this month, the sweet pastime of Mother Yasoda binding Damodara reminds us of the devotional principles of “effort” and “dependence.”

In the mood of applying some ‘effort,’ I prayed to Lord Damodara for the courage to ‘self-reflect’ sharing my intention for personal growth and transformation.

Of course, daily offering of a ghee lamp and chanting the Damodarastakam prayers are the purifying agents for all unwanted things; this was the impetus this month to engage in this self-reflective process.

These are the three questions that were my focus in creating a safe quiet space for ‘Self-reflection’.

1.  What have I received from my husband?

2.  What have I given to my husband?

3.  What troubles and difficulties have I caused?

The process required me to sit quietly, read the question, and slowly repeat, “what have I received from my husband?”

As I listen to my heart, my mind, my intelligence, it becomes clear that I receive, DevotionEmpathy, Honesty, Security, Communication, Support, and Reliability.

The second part of this self-reflection is to quietly self-reflect on the feelings I experience when I am receiving these most important values.

With Devotion I feel exhilarated.

With Empathy, I feel peaceful.

With Honesty, I feel trusting.

With Security I feel content.

With Communication I feel appreciation.

With Support I feel vulnerable.

With Reliability I feel safe.

Given that this is the month of Damodara, this short sharing would be remiss if I did not amplify the understanding that the pure devotee’s mood of complete absorption is in expressing feelings of love for the Supreme Lord and the Lord’s devotees. They have no other desire.

Given that Ekavira prabhu is under the shelter of Damodara’s pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, and his representatives, I am simply praying for Lord Damodara’s mercy to be more appreciative of His dear devotees’ nurturing values rather than those qualities arising from his conditioned reality.

In closing, by me engaging in this simple ‘self-reflection’ exercise during this most sacred month, my compassion and eagerness to fully absorb myself in the Damodarastakam prayers and caring for Lord Damodara’s dear devotees became paramount for my spiritual growth.

Part two coming soon. “What have I given to my husband?”

With love,
Vrajalila Devi Dasi

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