Some things, if done consistently, will promote healthy, spiritual interactions amongst family members. One is having a weekly family meeting. At this meeting, you will hear from all family members, children and adults, about what’s going well and what’s not, choose your weekly family activity (Krsna or other uplifting, educational movies or games, physical activity such as bike-riding or walking, etc.) and reserve this time free of interruption from telephones, computers, televisions and other distractions. Family members will come to treasure these unique, interesting family times.

Initially, you may encounter some resistance, especially from older children. However, gently insist and eventually they will come around. Some family meetings will be funny, some serious but always they should take place and always they should allow everyone to contribute.

It may be necessary to clarify a few ground rules: everyone gets a chance to speak if they want, take turns, speak respectfully and listen carefully, full attention has to be given (thus no individual cell or computer usage). All family members should each get the opportunity to select a family activity. Parents can utilize this time to share financial concerns with their children. At early ages, teach them about bills, costs, interest rates, etc., giving in charity to spread Krsna’s mission and budgeting. Connect allowances, (if you give them) with chores completed responsibly.

We seek to support, strengthen, educate and enliven the individuals, couples and families who are or will be involved with the grihastha ashram.


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