Letter to Bhagavan, Los Angeles, 7th July ,1971
The two marriages recommended by you may be performed at that time as well, but only after having sufficiently counseled the respective devotees. This marriage business should not be taken as a farce, but is a very serious matter. Recently so many couples have been cast adrift by the waves of maya’s influence. That is hard to check, but still the devotees must realize the responsibilities of household life. And there is no question of separation. Too much this has been happening and I am very much displeased. So if they are promising not to separate under any circumstances, but to work cooperatively in the service of the Lord, then my sanction is there for their marriage, and my blessings as well. Otherwise not.

Letter to James Doody, July 10, 1969
“Our Krishna is a great family personality. Krishna is never a mendicant, and our ambition is to enter into Krishna’s family and to associate with Him personally. So to marry and to become an exemplary householder is the ideal life of Krishna consciousness.”

Letter to Susan Beckman, September 20, 1972
“Actually there is no difference between devotees living inside the temple and devotees living outside the temple. You are right that the important thing is to remember Krishna, whatever is your activities.”

Letter to Shankara Pyne, November 15, 1973
“You can still advance in Krishna consciousness even in the office by chanting and giving some percentage to the Mandira.Our philosophy is that all the fruits of our activity go to Krishna for His enjoyment. It does not matter what our position may be.”

Letter to Krishna dasa, June 9, 1974
“It is pleasing to me to hear you are happily engaged in devotional service and living as an ideal grihastha. Please go on as you are doing; keep your business separate and wherever you remain keep your family in Krishna consciousness always chanting Hare Krishna and observing the regulative principles. Cultivate your business for Krishna, remain happy in Krishna consciousness and always serve Krishna.”

Letter to Shilavati dd, June 14, 1969
“The actual system is that the husband is spiritual master to his wife, but if the wife can bring her husband into practicing this process then it is all right that the husband accepts the wife as spiritual master.”

We seek to support, strengthen, educate and enliven the individuals, couples and families who are or will be involved with the grihastha ashram.


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