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Helping Others Help

“The two marriages recommended by you may be performed at that time as well, but only after having sufficiently counseled the respective devotees.” SP letter to Bhagavan, LA, 7/7/1971

We train happily married couples, of 7 years or more, to mentor others in their communities.

Sita Rani Devi Dasi & Ananda Caitanya Dasa

Marriage Mentors, Delhi

“These sessions should be made mandatory for all grihastha couples. They are very beneficial to developing a harmonious and Krsna conscious relationship.”

Vistara Dasa & Tatiana

Marriage Mentors, Moscow

“Valuable training? You bet! It’s vital for every marriage.

This training saved our relationship just at the moment when we’d given up having any expectations from each other and were trying to adjust to be satisfied with where we were at.”

Mentor Training Articles

Align or Undermine

  The Wedding Present A devotee in Brazil told us of the unique wedding present he received, a bucket a flashlight and a rope.... for the deep dark well he was entering. Is that an encouraging way to start a

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How We Can Help


We offer interactive marriage and family courses wherever we are invited.

Education & Counseling


We train committed happy long term couples to mentor others.

Guidance & Support


We have and continue to make resources available to help devotees on their path.

Helpful Resources

Vaisnava Family Resources is brought to you by the Grihastha Vision Team (GVT), a grassroots volunteer group of Krishna devotees who are mostly mental health or educational professionals. Our intention is to provide resources to support singles, prospective couples and married partners. We want to help spiritualize your married life so that it will be an asset for your Krishna (God) consciousness. We welcome your suggestions to make this site relevant and useful.

It’s our vision that each couple had access to family wellness education by qualified mentors!