1. Recognition of God – The Supreme Owner  Act with the understanding that everything belongs to God. At best, we are careful stewards of God’s resources, energies and talents. At worst, we are deluded and become cheaters and thieves who claim another’s property as our own.
  2. Careful Stewardship. Since everything belongs to God, shouldn’t we use God’s resources in His service? Prosperous people consciously perform their duties taking care of self, family and community as an act of worship. Realize you’ve been entrusted with family, talents, wealth, etc., that are really not your own. Prosperous people “plan their work and work their plan,” through budgeting, keeping good financial records, and reacting a vision of their prosperity through goal setting.
  3. Thriftiness. “Waste not, want not”. Consider that everything you waste has consequences, such as producing scarcity. Sometimes just a little care or thoughtfulness will prevent great waste. We get information from scriptures and saints that there is no waste in the eternal spiritual world. Increasing prosperity requires reducing waste.
  4. Give and you may receive. This is perhaps the most misunderstood principle of prosperity. Tithing or regularly and consistently giving of your net income to further good causes and assist the needy is a fundamental principle. This tithing is an investment in the divine bank of the universe. Sometimes when we feel scarcity, there is a tendency to hoard. This is really the time to give. Giving of your time is also important.
  5. Live a regulated, disciplined life. “Early to bed, early to ride makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” (Benjamin Franklin). Organize regular prayer, time for the family and donation to charity.
  6. Live simply, but think highly. Adopting a simple lifestyle, give up the tendency to over-collect, to buy things we don’t need and to hanker for what others have. Simplicity leaves room for more important things.
  7. Cultivate a “prosperity consciousness”; eliminate the “poverty consciousness. ”Realize that God, our Creator, our best well-wisher, wants us to prosper. It is directly the will of Providence that we have abundant health and the capacity to care for ourselves and fulfil our responsibilities. Prosperity consciousness means practicing all these 8 principles consistently and regularly without neglecting any.
  8. Share your success with others. Be an example for another. Teach someone how to do what you have done. Share the benefit of your successful techniques and skills with others.

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