A good, Krsna conscious husband is a good servant; He realizes that his wife, his children, his house, his money, all belong to Lord Krsna and therefore he treats them with respect, appreciation, affection and very careful stewardship.
A good husband is clean, truthful, compassionate, self-disciplined and charitable. He gives his wife his time as well as gifts. He cheerfully assists his wife with household tasks and tries to make his wife happy, (inherently understanding the old aphorism) that “when Mama is happy, everyone is happy.” A good husband is a team player and leads primarily by his example.
A good husband works hard and makes sacrifices to provide for and protect his family. Like Lord Rama, a good husband is satisfied with one wife; he doesn’t expect his wife to be like Lady Sita unless and until he is like Lord Rama.
Seeing his wife as a gift from God, a good, Krsna conscious husband takes very seriously the responsibility and privilege he has been given to protect and provide for the precious property of the Lord.
Hare Krsna!

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