Harmonious Discord in Marriage

A dramatic paradox of marriage is that qualities which originally attract a couple, in time can become a source of irritation. Is this a hopeless flaw of the creation or an enigma beckoning our understanding? Scene one,  Everything's Perfect, We're in Heaven.  Rama had become attracted to Manjari, a carefree extroverted life of the party, who

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The Unnecessary Add-ons

A lot of the communication problems we experience as a couple comes from “not what we say, but what we don’t say.”    When we fail to be honest and direct about our feelings because we don’t want to disturb the relationship, we create a much more insidious relationship problem. Often we suppress or repress unspoken

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Humble & Feeling Good

On the path of spiritual progress, is humility compatible with a healthy self-esteem? As a family therapist, I counsel people both within and outside the Hare Krishna movement. I recently received an e-mail from a young woman devotee who was unhappy in her relationship with her abusive husband but was conflicted about leaving him. “Maybe

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