The Communication Dance in Relationships

You’ve probably heard this before. Being in close relationships and being married, is like dancing.  Couples who have healthy relationships become partners, cooperating in rhythmic or sometimes awkward movements.  You figure out how to fulfill your needs and how to move across the landscape of your busy, intertwined lives.  You take turns, sometimes one is

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Five Tips for Parents

Use discipline, not punishment Discipline teaches; punishment hurts. When our children need to be corrected, choose a consequence that will teach them and increase their self-esteem rather than hurt them. Hitting does little to positively instruct children. Instead, it teaches them that it is okay to hit others when they are upset.Two types of consequences

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Tips to be a Better Dad

Have a great relationship with your child’s mother Research shows that children do best when their loving, biological parents raise them. If you are married, make your relationship the best it can be. Read books on marriage, take seminars, join a couple’s support group, or get counseling from a professional. If you are no longer

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