Parenting Devotee Teenagers

(Things I am learning while on the job) by Madhurika Rose-Dewil When our children grow into teens, many of us find that inspiring them in Krishna consciousness becomes much harder. They are no longer enthusiastic to imitate us or join in with the devotional activities we initiate. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking

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Help Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Infographic: We Can Prevent Childhood Adversity A new CDC infographic shows the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how preventing ACEs can help create neighborhoods and communities where every child thrives. Safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments have a positive impact on creating positive childhood experiences. Their benefits can last a lifetime.     If

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Raising Children and Teens

How can we transmit Krishna consciousness to children? Should they be encouraged to do certain practices, like chanting the rounds or getting up early? From a very early age, we must accustom our children to a regulated schedule of devotional activities. To begin with, we can read to them even while they are in the womb. Read to

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Five Tips for Parents

Use discipline, not punishment Discipline teaches; punishment hurts. When our children need to be corrected, choose a consequence that will teach them and increase their self-esteem rather than hurt them. Hitting does little to positively instruct children. Instead, it teaches them that it is okay to hit others when they are upset.Two types of consequences

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Tips to be a Better Dad

Have a great relationship with your child’s mother Research shows that children do best when their loving, biological parents raise them. If you are married, make your relationship the best it can be. Read books on marriage, take seminars, join a couple’s support group, or get counseling from a professional. If you are no longer

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Have a Weekly Family Meeting

Some things, if done consistently, will promote healthy, spiritual interactions amongst family members. One is having a weekly family meeting. At this meeting, you will hear from all family members, children and adults, about what’s going well and what’s not, choose your weekly family activity (Krsna or other uplifting, educational movies or games, physical activity

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Eight Tips for Parenting Older Children

Empowering couples, families and individuals with skills and techniques based on universal, spiritual principles. You’ve heard it before and may be experiencing it now: Parenting an adolescent or older child can be tough. Frequently, older children can shock you with their self-centered, rude, irrational, ungrateful, lazy and defiant behavior. Believe it or not, these characteristics

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